Sunday, September 18, 2011

Active Shooter Response

Active shooter response is very much like military combat rather than traditional police response. In a typical crime police will try and evacuate the injured right away, especially the wounded police officers. In an active shooter response the first goal is to neutralize the shooter. That takes priority over aiding the wounded.

To neutralize the shooter the officer must stop the shooter from continuing his deadly rampage. If the officers arrive and the suspect gives up, tosses down his weapons, holds up his empty hands and surrenders, take him into custody and he is neutralized. Until he has been handcuffed and searched, or obviously killed or obviously escaped then the first priority is the neutralization of the shooter or shooters. Some active shooter incidents have involved multiple suspects so don’t assume if you got one you have all of them until victims and witness reports confirm that fact.

Once the suspect is neutralized, then it is time for damage control. Bring in your paramedics and ambulances to evacuate the wounded. While chasing the active shooter follow on units can provide security for the evacuation of the wounded. Active shooters sometimes stay on the move and so the danger to follow on units can be low. If the active shooter stays in one location then other techniques need to be utilized, that’s what the SGT Says.

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