Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Earthquakes in Washington D.C. and hurricanes in New York City, those are not supposed to happen, but they did. Who knows what other disasters await us before the year is over? News reports say 44 people were killed by Hurricane Irene and that there will be billions of dollars worth of damage. Some people are stranded as whole communities saw bridges washed away and roads washed out. Are you ready?

Most sources seem to recommend having enough to survive for three days without help. I recommend at least two weeks, if not a month without assistance. Water is the most important item. My family carries a case of water bottles in our cars. You never know where you may get stuck. My plan is to be able to survive for at least three days if I am out in the car and for at least a month if I am home. Having an extra pair of sturdy shoes in the car is helpful too, especial for women who tend to wear flimsy shoes much of the time.

Extra clothing and a blanket are important items as well. When we buy a new blanket, I save the plastic bag it comes in and put the old blanket in the new plastic bag. I then have an instant and free emergency blanket. It goes into a closet or into a car or storage shed that does not have a blanket. If it starts to rain after the earthquake knocks your house down, an extra dry blanket from the car trunk will come in handy; that’s what the SGT Says.

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