Friday, September 2, 2011

Famous Criminals

The movie promotion told us “they were young, they were in love, they were Bonnie and Clyde.” The media has continued to tell us how criminals are mis-understood, not really criminals, and are even victims of the police. The Barrow Gang murdered at least nine police officers and several civilians. They robbed both banks and gas stations and small shop owners. Sometimes they kidnapped their robbery victims and sometimes they murdered them. They often killed without warning and without provocation. While some people like to point out that Bonnie Parker never killed anyone, it is not because she did not try; she fired a Browning Automatic Rifle at police on at least one occasion. She was also an active participant in scores of major crimes including robberies, kidnappings and murders.

As officers we need to know the facts about particular crimes before we release information about them. We also need to know the facts of history concerning major crimes in our nation and our community. Bonnie and Clyde were not to star crossed lovers. They were terrible sinners who committed horrible acts against humanity. Bonnie was legally married and without bothering to get a divorce ran off with Clyde while her husband was in jail. They were both career criminals who cared only for themselves and their gang. At the time they were killed they were in possession of guns stolen from the military, over a thousand rounds of ammunition, and driving a stolen car. Those are not the acts of young lovers, that’s the actions of hardened criminals.

The best way to deal with the media is to stick to facts that can be proven with hard evidence. The suspects’ fingerprints were found on the gun. The suspect was arrested driving a stolen car. Those are facts that indicate the suspect’s guilt in a crime. It is easy for the media to try and move off topic to supposition, but harder for them if police spokesmen stick to established facts and avoid speculation. The media is seldom our friend; that’s what the SGT Says.

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