Friday, September 2, 2011

Patrol Car

The patrol car is not very helpful in a shootout. What can be done to improve the patrol vehicle to make it more tactical? The seating should be a bit higher, about the height of a small SUV, so the officer can see better and can exit by moving laterally rather than having to move upward when exiting a low vehicle. The equipment must be built into the dashboard so that officers can exit from either side of the vehicle without having to move over a big hump.

The patrol rifle should be located where it can be obtained without having to reach far into the vehicle. I would put them either on the car door, barrel forward, and down at about a forty-five degree angle. Alternatively, they could be put on the outside of the front seat along the center post with the barrel facing down and magazine well facing to the rear.

Finally, the front end of patrol cars should be bullet resistant. The front windshield, two front side windows and the front end as well as the front doors should be bullet resistant. Since officers are most likely to take fire from the front, it’s really only necessary to armor the front of the vehicle. Armor in the front and in the doors should be strong enough to withstand hits from an AK-47 type rifle and the window armor should protect against most handguns. Companies that make police cars should be encouraged to keep the same front end style so that the armor package can be re-used from vehicle to vehicle to keep costs low. All marked patrol cars should have this done, that’s what the SGT Says.

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