Saturday, September 24, 2011

Patrol Car

Since we don’t have unlimited budgets, and we don’t control the design of police cars, how can we improve our vehicles without spending much? The easiest thing to do is to work with our existing emergency equipment venders to make certain that our police lighting gear takes up the least amount of space in the center console. Some of the gear may be able to be placed in the dashboard, even if it means eliminating the glove box.

The shotgun and patrol rifle can be placed in several different places. Moving the guns to the doors or near the door is not very expensive. The biggest problem is that most patrol cars are not large enough for big police officers and all the gear we need in the car. I have even suggested designs that create one seat in a cage for suspects in the back seat of the patrol car and the area behind the driver seat can be used for the arsenal to store the patrol rifle, shotgun, riot gear and ammunition.

Retired body armor can be used to armor your patrol vehicles. While not an ideal solution it is better than what happens to most retired body armor. Typically used armor ends up in the trash or on the range or sometimes sold or given away. It can be put in the door panels and behind the dashboard. Use care to avoid placing it where it can catch on fire from the electrical or engine heat. Sometimes we have to take small steps to reach our ultimate goal, that’s what the SGT Says.


Bob G. said...

There is an increasing problem with SPACE, especially when they retire all the Crown Vics (a damn good sized car).

It's not like the days when you had a Dodge Monaco with a 440 hemi and a block-long trunk & hood.

ANd with larger officers (even mecium builds with all the gear they now wear) makes it less-than-easy to exit a cruiser like the Charger or the Impala.

And yes, that center console is WAY too "busy"...!
Lose the glove box...most officers are already WEARING their gloves.

I always thought that was a great idea for old body armor...stick it inside the door pamels...should be ample space and won't add much to overall vehicle weight.

Very good post.

Roll safe out there.

Bunkermeister said...

Cop cars need to be big cars.