Sunday, September 4, 2011


One of the most common aspects of officer involved shootings is the speed at which the shooting happens. Most police shootings are over in only seconds. One of the important drills to do on the range is to aim and shoot quickly. The rangemaster can do this drill in several different ways. One common method is to tell the shooter he must come on target and fire two or three rounds in two or three seconds. That will induce some stress on the shooter and cause them to try to shoot quickly. The shooter should either draw from the holster or come on target from a low ready position.

The other way to perform this training is to have two officers on the firing line and have both of them shoot at the same command. The goal is for them to try and shoot faster and more accurately than the other. I like to do this drill from a distance that is close enough for the officers to see the target, so they know immediately if they are hitting the target and if they are getting hits that are as good as their competitor.

I like to run this exercise at least five times with each shooter. Officers stand at the 5 yard line, weapons at the low ready. On command of “Threat” they bring their weapons up on target and fire two rounds or fire a failure drill. They must get good center of mass hits and do so faster and more accurately than the other shooter. This provides some level of competition and encourages each shooter to do better than they would do alone. Teach officers to shoot fast; that’s what the SGT Says.

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