Friday, September 30, 2011

Rock vs Guns

Homeland Security Today: Dangerous Rock Attacks on Border Patrol Agents Are Up; Chopper Brought Down by Rock in ‘79

Mexicans along the border with the United States have been throwing rocks at Border Patrol officers. This has resulted in some Mexicans being killed by Border Patrol officers who shot at them after the rocks were thrown at them. While no Border Patrol officers have been killed, many have been seriously injured by rocks. Over 700 of these incidents are reported every year.

Border Patrol officers sometimes respond with pepper balls and other less lethal options. Sometimes, especially if no one is hurt and no vehicles are damages, the Border Patrol agents will not respond and sometimes not even report the incident. Less lethal weapons are not always appropriate when attacked by people throwing rocks. Rocks can cause deadly injuries. Rocks can cause great bodily injury and that is enough to respond to with deadly force in many cases.

This is a problem that can be stopped tomorrow; Mexicans need to stop throwing rocks at American Border Patrol agents. Mexican police should be patrolling their side of the border and should prevent Mexicans from going over the fence and from throwing rocks over the fence. The United States should have a strong, tall, real fence between the US and Mexico. A good fence will minimize these problems and will help prevent smuggling and illegal immigration; that’s what the SGT Says.


Bob G. said...

While I really don't like the idea totally, it WOULD be nice to have a FIFTY FOOT HIGH wall erected...ALL along the border (like they did with Manhattan in Escape From New York), complete with guard towers, seismic sensors...the lot.

Maybe THEN, Mexico might catch the hint.

Good call.

Roll safe.

Bunkermeister said...

A couple ten or twelve foot high parallel walls with constant patrols from sea to shining sea would be fine. We should have hired those East German Border Guards when they were first unemployed.