Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Saving Is Not Just Money

Part of being a first responder is knowing your family is safe when you are at work. Saving up food and other consumables is a way to save for the future. No different than investing in gold, stocks or putting money in the back. The difference is that a pound of pasta or box of batteries will never be worth zero and in good times or bad is still worthwhile to posses. When I shop at the supermarket or a general goods store I try to pick up a few extra things for the long term. I know people who have purchased dozens of guns for use in hard times. While I am all about the guns, once you have few for each adult, you are better off spending your money on food and other essentials than weapons.

Canned goods last for years. Dry pasta lasts for years. Batteries last for years. My family eats canned goods and dry pasta all the time. If we stock up on them when we have some cash then at times when we don’t have much money or when there is a shortage, then we can coast a big because we have stocked up on things in good times.

I don’t buy survival foods or freeze dried meals. I am not planning on living out of a back pack. I am planning to get through hard times or a disaster by staying in my home and using some of the products I have saved up in good times. That way I am eating many of the same foods I am used to and don’t have to radically change my diet because of an emergency, unemployment or another great depression. Save now, so you are ready when the hard times, hurricane, earthquake, riots, fire or flood happens; that’s what the SGT Says.


Dave Killion said...

Always a good idea to refresh your stored food periodically.

The best way to do that is to eat some of your stored food, then replace it with newer stock.

Like you mentioned - those expensive freeze-dried hiker meals really aren't suitable for SHTF "hunker down" supplies.

It would also cost you too much to revolve your stock.

Bob G. said...

We do likewise, and "rotate our goods" as we go...
(within every several mionths)

We have abut 3-4 weeks of edibles available at any one time.
My Mom always had more on hand than we needed in cans...then again, she lived through the Depression in upstate PA.

Still, if a sale on a particular firearm OR AMMO comes along....

And having a hand-crank radio or flashlight is always a plus.

Good advice and comment.

Roll safe out there.

Bunkermeister said...

Great ideas Dave. We buy the same food we always eat, we just make sure we always have enough to last a month or more. It gets rotated naturally as we eat our regular meals.

Bunkermeister said...

Radio and lights are always helpful too G.