Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Terrible Things

Jeremiah Lee Wright Decapitated Disabled Son, 7: Police (VIDEO)

People do terrible things to one another. As police officers when those terrible things happen, we have to go there and restore the peace. In this instance a man murdered his seven year old son, cut his head off and then displayed the head so that his wife would find it outside when she came home. This is a terrible thing that should never happen and that no one should have to see. There are so many alternatives available to this family. Give the child up for adoption, divorce the spouse and let them have custody, give the child over to child services, leave the child with relatives. Murder is never an option.

As police we have to respond and deal with the aftermath of disaster. It can be difficult to deal with and difficult to respond to as well. The person who did this crime deserves the death penalty for the murder of an innocent child, but it is not up to us to administer that death. It is up to us to take the father into custody, document the crime scene and write the proper reports and then go to court and testify to the evidence as we know it.

We also need to take care of ourselves and our partners. We need to remember that this suspect it not representative of all people. That is actions are an aberration. We should not go home and drink ourselves to sleep. We need to seek counseling from professionals if we are very upset with this type of incident. We need to remember that to protect and serve includes our partners and ourselves. We see those terrible things that people do to one another and then we try to restore the peace. We need to seek peace for our partners and ourselves also when faced with this type of terrible incident. The peace of God passes all understanding, turn to him first; that’s what the SGT Says.

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