Thursday, September 1, 2011

Using the Patrol Rifle

The patrol rifle should have a sling that will enable the officer to carry the rifle slung in front of their body in a position ready for use. The sling will allow the officer to retain control of the rifle even if he has to use his hands to transition to the handgun, Taser, handcuffs or even open a door, carry a box or other activity.

The rifle should have optical sights that are durable, long lasting and provide a quick method of obtaining a sight picture. My agency uses an AimPoint device for sighting. One of the advantages of the AipPoint is if the device fails, the officer can still use iron sights.

An optic that can be picked up rapidly is essential. It allows the officer to get a first shot very rapidly. In most shooting officers only have a few seconds to acquire a target and get their shots off. The officer must do that faster than the suspect and so having a optical sight is very important. Officers also need the 30 round magazine. Although generally I recommend placing only 28 rounds in a 30 round magazine Magazine springs can bind up and so having fewer rounds can help prevent that problem. Officers need good equipment. The patrol rifle is essential; that’s what the SGT Says.

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