Wednesday, February 29, 2012


This video shows photos of new tiny robots.  These tiny robots can fly by themselves or fly in whole flocks.  What new crimes await us as this technology develops?  Thirty of these fly into a bank and drop a note demanding they all be given a couple hundred dollars or the bank will explode.  A group of these are buzzed down a busy street and intentionally bump into drivers or pedestrians.  Imagine the havoc that would cause.

As new technologies are developed we need to think about the uses criminals will have for the new abilities.  Criminals are doing that with each new technological breakthrough.  The first get away car rather than using a horse. The first use of a firearm rather than a knife to threaten and rob.  The first use of a computer to steal money.

We have an obligation to think about things that could be a threat to the good citizens of our communities and be ready when bad things happen to them.  We need to have a plan in place when new developments arise that threaten us and our partners.  Technology marches forward so does crime, and so should we, that's what the SGT Says.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


A sheriff campaigning for re-election was going door to door looking for votes. What he found was a bunch of dope smokers. They went to jail. He did the right thing, he saw a crime in progress and took enforcement action.

It is the duty of the sheriff to enforce the laws. The sheriff was able to take time out of his running for office and arrest three suspects. I suspect many sheriffs would have simply gone on to the next house, maybe have given them a warning.

Too many of our top ranking law enforcement officers are too concerned to with getting re-elected and not concerned enough to do real police work. It is their duty to enforce the law. I applaud the efforts of this sheriff to capture a few crooks; that's what the SGT Says.

Monday, February 27, 2012


Can you swim? Cops die of drowning every year. You should not be one of them. You should be able to swim. If I ran a police academy, no rookie would graduate unless he could swim and perform minor rescue work.

Officers are often the first on the scene when some kid falls in a pool or river or pond. Often it if very bitter cold. If the officer could swim he could make an effort to save those kids who might be saved. Cold can keep them alive for longer that would be expected.

Police have great trouble staying in shape over their careers. They get fat and let their upper body strength diminsh. Swimming is a great way to stay in shape and it is not harmful to the body like running can be. Officers need this skill, it can be very useful on the job; that's what the SGT Says.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Cellular Phones

Do you carry a personal cell phone at work on
patrol? A cell phone is a great tool but
your personal phone belongs in your pocket and turned off or in the patrol
car. You should never have your cell
phone with you while outside the car if it is on. Sneaking up on a suspect at three in the
morning and the phone buzzes will give up your tactical advantage.

One of my partners used to carry his cell phone clipped
to the top of his body armor. If he got
a call or had a message, a light would blink. He had a blinking red light right over his heart. A perfect aim point for any criminal wanting
to kill him. After I demonstrated it to
him he started keeping is phone in his patrol car.

The cell phone can be very useful to contact dispatch and
not tie up air time. It can be helpful
to call another officer or supervisor to ask a question that you don’t want on
the radio. It can be a huge disadvantage
if you get a call at the wrong time. Be
aware your cell phone is an important tool but you don’t need it on all the
time, that’s what the SGT Says.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Old Constitution

"I would not look to the US Constitution if I were drafting a Constitution in the year 2012. "I can't speak about what the Egyptian experience should be, because I'm operating under a rather old constitution." Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg During an Egyptian television interview.

This is why elections should matter to police officers. The police swear an oath to protect and serve the people in their jurisdictions and to support and defend the Constitution of the United States. Here a justice of the Supreme Court of the United States insults our Constitution by saying it's old and no good enough for another nation to consider. I suppose the concepts of freedom of religion, free speach, and the right to a fair trail are outdated in her world view.

We have a presidential election soon and when you consider your vote, think about who will be appointing judges. Will they be judges who believe in the American system of justice or who think our Constitution is "old?" Will they believe that the people have a right to be secure in their persons or property or that perhaps that is an old fashioned notion? We as law enforcement officers are not doing our duty as citizens if we don't cast an informed vote for president; that's what the SGT Says.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Death Row

Police unions are great when they act like cops, but not
so good when they act like unions. Getting more pay and benefits is nice, but is that why you became a cop,
to get a nice retirement? Did you become
a police officer to make a difference in your community and try and get some of
the crooks off the street?

Once they are arrested is your job done? Not even a little, you still need to write
good reports, testify in court and attend parole hearings and try to prevent
future crimes from happening. Your union
should be acting like cops and working to make your more effective as an
officer. In trade unions carpenters,
electricians are trained by their union to do a better job. Does your union provide training in anything
other than negotiation of next year’s contract?

A criminal on death row recently wrote a letter bragging
about how he slept in every day, ate three hot meals a day and had a new
hospital right next door to provide him a lifetime of free medical care. California has over 700 inmates on death
row. What are the California police
unions doing about it? If they represent
the cops, then they need to represent the cops in seeking justice. Police unions should endorse candidates that
are in favor of the death penalty and that will then carry out the death
sentence. We have laws that sentence cop
killers to death. We have sixty or
seventy cops murdered every year, why don’t we have sixty or seventy cop
killers actually put to death each year? Maybe a good question for your union to answer, they are not looking
after your interest if they will let your murderer off; that’s what the SGT

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Youth & Seniors

Kids and old people need to have someone to watch them
and care for them and they need to have a purpose in life. How many times have you been called to the
home of an old person who had fallen and needed help getting up? Or an old person who called only because they
were lonely and wanted someone to talk to?

How many times have you had to deal with generally good
kids who got into trouble because they had no supervision and just did
something stupid? Kids will try stupid
things and if their parents are at work or otherwise not home then they will
eventually get into trouble. Neighborhood centers that expect them after school can help to reduce
the problems they create, especially if they have enough staff.

Combining several agencies together can reduce the need
for staff and the two demographics can be taught to take care of each
other. Kids are less likely to victimize
the elderly if they see them as people and not just scary old folks. With fewer government resources this may be a
way to combine agencies, reduce crime and increase the standard of living for
the people in your community; that’s what the SGT Says.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Youth & Seniors

Why do we have senior centers and youth centers? Why do we pay middle aged people to watch
young people and other middle aged people to watch old people? Why don’t the young people and the old people
watch each other? We should have combined
senior and youth centers with the old people and young people there
together. We might even want to include
the animal shelter there too.

Kids and old folks, stray dogs and cats need a little
supervision, a little care and some direction. Having a couple professional facilitators on
site is important but most of the work could be done by the people
themselves. Kids can help prepare meals,
and the old folks can make sure they have washed their hands.

The kids can get help with their homework from an older
person and the older people can then watch them care for the animals and then
play outside. Too often our cities
divide things up into very small chunks and lose sight of the larger picture. A senior, youth center located with the
animal shelter next door to the fire station would be a cost effective way to
help take care of people and animals that need care that otherwise might end up
in criminal justice system; that’s what the SGT Says.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Stabbing Attempt

A man eating dinner was attacked by a man with a knife. Both were injured, but the victim was able to
disarm his attacker. Police took the
suspect into custody. Many officers
underestimate the danger posed by a knife attack. It’s just a knife, it’s not a gun. The gun has more range, but a knife does not
have to be reloaded.

A suspect who is good with a knife can cut you before you
even realize he has the blade in his hand. A sharp knife can cut you so quickly and cleanly that you may not even
bleed externally and may not even realize you have been cut. Even a knife as short as two inches long can
slice your neck deep enough to create a fatal wound. A tiny X-Acto knife can slice you to death
with enough cuts and certainly can put out an eye.

Watch the hands and control the suspects movements are two
of the best ways to avoid a knife attack. Keep something between you and the suspect, a chair, the corner of the
patrol car, even the curb to give you a little more lag time. Watch not only the hands but the palms of the
hands. Knife suspects will often palm
the weapon to hide it from you. If
someone attacks you with a knife, it’s a deadly attack, respond to deadly force
attacks with deadly force. A Taser or
other less lethal weapon is good if there is a cover officer who can shoot his
firearm if needed, that’s what the SGT Says.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Guns for Good

I am a strong believer in the right of
the people to keep and bear arms. Criminals
will carry guns no matter what the law may say, by definition they are
criminals and don’t obey the law. Gun
accidents are easily preventable by training and keeping guns out of the hands
of people who should not have any dangerous tool or product. We don’t let children drive on public
streets, we don’t let mental patients play with matches and we don’t let
drunken people fly planes or operate boats. None of these people should have unrestricted access to firearms either.

The Cato Institute has been doing
research on gun us in America. They are compiling circumstances where honest
people have used guns to protect themselves or their property. In the best of circumstances police can be
called, dispatched and arrive in about two minutes. In most cases it is much longer due to high
call volume, distance, short staffing or other factors.

In two minutes a lot can happen to a
person. In the academy we did an
exercise where a trainee struck a man in a protective suit for thirty seconds
as hard and as fast as he could. In
almost every case the trainee was totally exhausted in only that short period
of time. Imagine a large male suspect
beating a small women with a stick until he is exhausted, thirty seconds. That gives him a minute and a half to escape. At just 55 miles an hour in his car he will
be well over a mile away. If that same
woman had a gun, she might still be alive and the suspect might be much closer;
laying dead at her feet; that’s what the SGT Says.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Audio Drugs

The latest drug craze with kids is called I-Doser. The concept is that you listen to particular
sounds and the software that brings them to you modifies your brain to simulate
the use of drugs. So far there is a lot
of skepticism about the real effects of this technology. There are also many who claim that it is just
like “real drugs” but without any of the side effects.

Because this concept is new there are no laws prohibiting
it. Just as in the old days when LSD was
first new or PCP was first being used or many other designer drugs were hitting
the street market police may be at a legal loss for what to do about the
effects, if any, of this mind altering activity. The proponents of this technology say it’s
safe and effective. Without clinical trials,
they cannot really make such claims. If
this does what it says it will do, I am not sure at home tampering with one’s
brain is really a good idea, especially for young people.

As police we need to be aware of this and begin documenting
our contacts with it. Even if there is
no actual physical change, there may be a psychosomatic change brought on by
people to believe it will make them high. People who exhibit strange, inappropriate or dangerous behavior that you contact should
be screened for this technology. We need
to build a police data base now while this process is still new. It may also explain people you stop for an
apparent drug related offense that don’t have any of the usual symptoms or have
no measurable drugs or alcohol in their system. This is probably nothing, but it has the potential to be the worst drug
on the street; that’s what the SGT Says.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Witness for God

Christians were given the Great Commission by Christ. He told us to go into the world and preach
the message of His Gospel.

Christ did not say that we should only go were people would
not be offended. Christ did not say to
preach only to people who don’t already have a religious belief of some
kind. Christ did not say don’t preach if
it is dangerous, or if you might get arrested. Christ himself set the example; he was killed for his preaching.

A group of Christians were preaching the Word on public
streets and were arrested because it was disturbing a group of Muslims who were
having a street fair nearby. The Christians
were not shouting. They did not have a
public address system. The Christians
were not interfering with the street fair in any way. They were simply standing in couples or alone
on the street and telling passers by about Jesus. They were arrested and went to jail. In watching the video of the event I was very
unclear about why they were being arrested. They were not loud and disturbing the peace. They were not grabbing people. They were not blocking the sidewalk. There was not a large public demonstration
without a permit going on. It was just a
few folks trying to speak to a group of Muslims about Christ. The First Amendment is about freedom of
speech. It seemed to me those Christians
were simply exercising that right. When
you make an arrest, the first thing you need to consider is, what crime has
been committed and what is your authority to make an arrest for that crime;
that will keep you out of a lot of trouble; that’s what the SGT Says.

Friday, February 17, 2012

I am just over 50 and live in Southern California. I have had the threat
of nuclear attack from the USSR and China, race riots, anti war riots, anti
police riots, earthquakes, major storms, tsunami alerts, major brush fires,
major urban fires, local crime, gang activity, many of these I have faced more
than once. Police taking my guns are low on my list of concerns, but I know
free men need to guard their rights from the government.
I also know that the food I store, the guns and ammo I have, the locks, the
dog, the lighting, the sleeping bags, blankets, and all the other things I have
done to prepare may or may not help in the event of the next disaster. I know
all I can do is pray, be aware, train, practice, inform my family, and hope for
the best. I try to plan for the worst and hope for the best but I don't forget
to live and enjoy life now. There is no point in living a life that is
dedicated only to survival.
Officers need to remember once in a while why they became cops. It was not so they could survive for 30 years and then die on retirement day. Most of us became cops because we wanted to help people in trouble and because we did not want to see the bad guys win. We also need to remember to take care of our own families and ourselves. Many cops medically retire, die of heart attacks, get divorced or kill themselves. Don't let the work stress get to you. Enjoy your life with your kids and your wife and friends. Go to church, go to Disneyland, go to the beach, or hunting or camping. Have a safe career and a good life to go with it; that's what the SGT Says.

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Our gear has a long way to go. Our pants, shirt and headwear should be
fireproof and bullet resistant and float. We should have face protection that
can be employed almost instantly and a small supply of air so we can dive into a
pool or run into a smoky burning building and save people. Officers do that all
the time and we are not trained for it and our gear does not support it.
We need a lightweight gear that we can wear and not injure our backs
carrying it or sitting on it over a career. We need durable lightweight shoes
that won't feel like bricks after a day standing on asphalt in the summer
directing traffic. The uniform must be highly visible while we direct traffic
or be nearly invisible when we tactically deploy. It should be instantly
recognizable as police under any circumstances by anyone, child or adult if they
speak English or not.
Police gear needs to contain communications that work underground in
parking garages, in high rise elevators, and in emergencies when everyone talks
at once. We need to carry an array of weapons to deploy lethal and non-lethal
force. Or non-lethal weapons need to work like Phaser on stun, put the suspect
down immediately, every time from 50 feet away and keep him out until we want
him to recover, without chance of killing him. We need some technological
breakthroughs, that's what the SGT Says.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


When I started in law enforcement I wore a six gun, a six loop of six
rounds of ammo, a pair of handcuffs, a straight baton and that's it. Lots of
space on the belt left over. Later we were issued hand held radios, not fore
everyone, however. If you worked with a partner, only one of you got a radio.
The passenger officer usually got the radio on the assumption that the driver
could use the one in the patrol car. After a couple years we got a radio for
everyone. Over time we replaced the radios four or five times and finally got
epaulette microphones for the radios.
I started with a wooden baton, then a plastic baton, then we went to the
heavier PR-4 side handle baton with special ring, then the OPN nun chucks, then
back to the PR-24, but the expandable version. I carried a knife on my belt
pretty soon after I started and then added one in my front left pocket and then
added another one in my right rear pocket. I carry a back up gun on my left
ankle. I wear five keepers and a key ring with the keys tucked into my rear
My flashlight was a two D-cell light, replaced by a MagCharger, replaced by
a giant Streamlight, replaced by a mini Streamlight, replaced by a Pelican
light, with a few other replacements in between. I eventually carried the six
loop and two speedloaders, then no six loop and four speedloaders, then a
semi-automatic with two extra magazines. They plan on us going to four
magazines this year. I went to two handcuff cases with handcuffs and later back
to only one when we added the Taser. I carried Mace for years, then OC spray.
Naturally I always wore body armor, what I have now is about half as heavy as
when I started and protects much better. There have been a lot of changes to
our gear in the last 30 years. They still don't have it perfect; that's what
the SGT Says.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Can you draw your handgun from a seated position from inside your patrol
car? Have you tried? Do you train that on your range? Can you draw your
handgun from the booth in in a restaurant? Have you tried that either? Are
there office chairs in your station with arms on them? Do they interfere with
your ability to draw your gun? If you are attacked in your car, at lunch or
while writing a report in the station, how can you respond if you can't draw
your gun?
Have you ever trained on the range and shot they way officers shoot at real
shootings? Watch a few videos of officers at the scene of a barricaded hostage
or other extended shooting incident. They are crouched behind cars, laying down
behind fire hydrants, and even using curbs for cover. When was the last time
you shot your handgun from a prone position?
What happens when you are standing close to a suspect and he pushes you and
you fall over backwards onto your back? The suspects draws his own gun and is
standing at your feet while you are laying face up on the ground. Have you ever
practiced drawing your gun from that position and firing over the top of your
feet at a target above you? Don't shoot your feet! Best practice is to
practice the way you fight, that's what the SGT Says.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Command to Fire

The rangemaster should give a command to fire that varies as much as is
reasonable so that we don't unintentionally train our officers to fire when it
is not appropriate. If we blow a whistle every time we want the officers to
shoot, they will want to hear a whistle in the filed or worse shoot in the field
because they heard a whistle.
Shouting the command, "Threat," "Gun," "Knife," are all good verbal cues
for the officer. Even the word "Fire" is fine but should not be used every
time. Make sure the shooter knows what the command to shoot is before you
expect them to shoot to avoid range accidents or to avoid them not firing when
you intend them to shoot.
Officers should be encouraged on the range to use verbal commands. At the
very least they can identify themselves as "Police." Additional commands such
as "Drop the gun" "Don't move" and "Stop" are also good to use on occasion.
Verbal commands can be given concurrently with shooting. Bang, Police, Bang,
Stop, Bang is a perfectly acceptable sequence if the suspect needs to be shot
right away; that's what the SGT Says.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Scene Control

At the scene of a major event one of the difficult things is
to get witness information. People often
don’t want to get involved or they don’t know exactly what to do to help. Once you have enough officers to contain the
scene, and very quickly, have another officer go around to the crowd and ask
people for their driver license.

Take their license from them and ask them to wait a few
minutes. Gather up everyone’s driver
license or government issued identification you can get from people in the
crowd who may have witnessed the event. This will generally prevent them from leaving the scene and it will generally
allow you to locate them later if they do leave. Once you have collected the identification,
make copies for your report.

If possible, I like to photocopy their identification. If no photocopy machine is available, then
take a photo of their identification. Use your cell phone camera or an evidence camera. It insures you have a picture of the witness
and that their information is properly transcribed. As you return their identification, as them
to verify their home address, provide a phone number, email, cell phone and
work number and even a text number. Tracking your witnesses can be critical; that’s what the SGT Says.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Local Cops

Agencies need to be under local control, I mean that the pay, hiring standards, benefits, training,
who gets hired, disciplinary actions, promotions, all the things that go into
running a police or sheriff department are controlled by local authorities. I
don't mind minimum state standards for the police academy and for hiring police,
but beyond that it should be up to the cities or counties who they hire, promote
and fire and no one else.
When the Federal Government gives away money it often comes with strings
attached. LAPD does not hire enough women/or whatever group some Federal judge
says so if they don't hire more of that group then they will take away the
Federal money. Federal surplus vehicles, gear etc should go to agencies that
need it, but the Federal Government should not be paying salaries, or for
training local cops. They should be paid by local, county and state taxes and
that's where the rest of their budgets should come from too.
Local civilian government officials who answer to the community. The
county sheriff is elected, if you don't like the way the deputies behave, vote
him out and the new guy can change it. Don't sue in Federal court and have some
far away judge determine a local matter. If you live close enough to commute you live in the "community," that's what the SGT Says.

Friday, February 10, 2012


A police car drives into a public park and a man pulls out a gun and starts shooting. The officer exits his car and returns fire. His partner arrives and runs up to the first police car, and also returns fire. Both officers return fire and use good cover. Officers have to be brave because you never know when an incident like this might happen and an officer who hangs back and cowers endangers himself, his partner and the public.

Note how long this incident takes to happen. The suspects' hand comes up and he startes shooting almost immediately. No warning, no opportunity to draw a patrol rifle or even get away. The second officer has to go forward, rather than return to his patrol car. He can't afford the time needed to get his patrol rifle. His partner is in immediate mortal danger.

Officers need to be ready whenever approaching suspicious persons. I try not to let people get too close to my patrol car. I want to be able to drive away or exit if I need to in order to get out of the kill zone or to seek cover, or return fire. Wear your vest, watch the suspects hands, call for back up when you have to approach suspects in the field; that's what the SGT Says.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

New Gear

Bullet Strikes Target a Mile Away [VIDEO] - Yahoo! News

A self guided bullet that hits the target on it's own. I don't see any immediate relevance for police work but the long term implications could be great. I would think the first police to use such a weapon would be SWAT snipers. A long range shot at a bad guy holding hostages would be assured with great accuracy with such a weapon.

I have said for years that we need to use more technology in law enforcement. From weapons to vehicles and data collection and processing we need more technology. I recently had a new device shown to me I thought was pretty good. It was an automatic ticket machine. Officer carries it in the field and with an electronic card swipe the data field is filled out automatically to eleminate errors in filling out the ticket, that is automatically printed and electronically filed.

The other aspect to the device is a camera mounted on the back so you can take a photo of the violator and it is printed on the back. It minimizes the someone was using my ID defense. The real kicker is the fingerprint scanner. It then searches the data base and identifies the subject as well as runs them for wants and warrants. So this bit of gear provides you with positive identification and the ability to arrest wanted criminals without having to wait for dispatch. That's some of the gear we need to modernize law enforcement.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


inmates hide pig in official police car decal - Yahoo! News

Criminals do bad things. That's why they are in jail. Vermont had inmates making decals for police cars. The inmates did what criminals do, they modified the decal so that it had a pig on it. No one noticed the modification and so the decals were affixed to law enforcement vehicles and drove around for a long time.

The lesson here is that we should not trust people who are in custody. The first thing you do when you arrest someone is to search them. When you receive a prisoner, you should immediately search them. No matter who else searched them, no matter how many times they have searched them.

When you go to jail to pick up a prison, to take them to court, transfer them to another facility, take them to the doctor, or even release them, search them. Criminals hide drugs, cell phones, and weapons in any nook or cranny. Always search. Never trust them. Always be careful for yourself and your fellow officers, that's what the SGT Says.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Shooting at the Range

Officer stands on the range facing the target. His duty handgun is in the holster and the holster is snapped. The officer has his feet together and his hands at his side. The range
master should give a command to fire. The officer focuses on the target and
reaches up and grasps the handgun grip, he unsnaps his gun while continuing to
watch the target. He should move one of his two feet either right or left,
whichever is closer to cover, if any.
The moment the barrel of the duty handgun clears the front of the holster
the officer should flip the barrel up to a horizontal position where he could
begin firing even before he brings the weapon up in line with his vision. The
non-gun hand should be coming up, moving across the front of the officer's body
and reaching for a position over the grip and the gun hand, never passing in
front of the barrel.
The officer brings the duty handgun up to his line of vision and as he
makes the decision to fire he moves his trigger finger onto the trigger. He
changes his focus from the suspect to the front sight; he places the front sight
on the center of mass of the target, checks the rear sight and pulls the
trigger. From command to fire until the first round is actually shot should be
less than two seconds and a second round should fire in less than three from the
command to fire; that's what the SGT Says.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Range Overview

Range training should simulate how you will shoot on duty. Patrol officers should wear their Sam Browne and their body armor. Detectives should wear their suit and coat. Everyone should start with their weapon snapped into the holster. Officers should be firing full power loads, duty ammo if possible. The noise, range, ballistics and and recoil of the range ammo should be as cloe as possible to the ammo the officer will carry on duty.

Since most police shootings take place within ten feet most range training should take place at very close ranges. Officers need to know how to shoot at a target that is only a foot or two away. Holding the pistol right up near the body and firing very close is a skill that must be learned, just as firing from a distance is important too.

Shooting from a distance must not be overlooked. Police firing at a bank robber across a busy street need to be able to hit targets as much as 50 yards away. A modern handgun can hit a target from that far and so can the shotgun, if the officer has practiced and if the shotgun has slugs in it. Range training is complicated and should be done by qualified professionally trained range instructors, not just the officer who likes guns; that's what the SGT Says.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Range Overview

Officers should attend range training at least every other month, if not every month. There is just too much to do to get it all done in a couple range training sessions. Ammunition is much cheaper than lawsuits. Rangemasters are cheaper than lawyers. Each training session should consist of a course of fire and a short explanation of the training. Officers need to know why they are shooting the course and what tactical pricniples are being learned. Officers are better off shooting a short course of an hour every month than a tweleve hour course once a year. Shooting skills fade over time and need to be reinforced often.

Officers need to practice with with their duty handgun, their back up gun, their off duty gun, the patrol rifle, and the patrol shotgun. This is in addition to any other special weapons they may carry as a special team, sniper rifle, submachine gun, or detectives with undercover holsters.

Officers need to transition from duty gun to the other weapons and from the other weapons to the duty weapon. When the shotgun runs out of ammo, the easiest way to stay in the fight is to draw the handgun, but that takes practice. Officers need to shoot standing, kneeling, moving, in full light, in low light and dark. Officers need shoot / don't shoot desision making and need to have a few draw and don't shoot drills too. It's a lot to do and you need to practice often to stay sharp, that's what the SGT Says.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Gun Control

A model citizen from the great state of Tennessee was on
vacation in New York City when she was visiting the World Trade Center
site. She had a concealed weapons permit
and asked where she could lock up her gun during the tour. She was promptly arrested and jailed by New
York City police. NYC has strict gun
control and virtually prohibits firearms in the city for non-police.

The woman should have read up on the firearms laws on the
places she would be visiting so she would not have accidentally violated the
law in New York City. More importantly
New York City should repeal their laws against eh lawful ownership of
firearms. This woman is a criminal only
due to a law that restricts her constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

Cities and states with shall issue firearms laws have less
crime than those with restrictive firearms laws. No one is under the illusion that criminals
in New York have been disarmed. Their
gun control has been a failure. Only
good people have been disarmed and that’s not right; that’s what the SGT Says.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Shooting in Monterey Park, CA

Police responded to a
Carl's Jr. Restaurant. A man with a
three foot long pipe bending tool was smashing out the plate glass windows at
the restaurant. Irrational, potentially
dangerous activity, my first guess is the man is on drugs or mentally ill. In either case a very dangerous person to
deal with. I have seen the video of the
incident and read several stories about it.

Two officers arrive,
one has a police dog. This would seem an
excellent opportunity to use the Taser and the officers employ it against the
suspect. He pulls out the darts and the
Taser is completely ineffective. The man
ignored the police commands and began to walk away from them, then he turned
and approached them with the pipe tool still in his hands, they fired their
handguns and he died.

Many in the community
are complaining that the police did not release the dog. A police canine is an excellent tool for
searching, for tracking, for bringing down a suspect that is running away, and
for holding crowds back. A god could
easily be killed by a man with a big pipe tool. The officers should not place there dog at risk with little hope of success. In my opinion the officers were forced to
shoot the man to protect themselves, their police dog and the public. This could have been avoided if the suspect
had simply put down the pipe tool and submitted to lawful arrest; that’s what the
SGT Says.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Spy in the Sky,0,6559085.story

New York City police are considering using drones to patrol the city. Some have raised privacy concerns about police use of drones. I don't think that a city with police cameras on nearly every traffic signal, and helicopters flying overhead all day and private companies with security cameras everywhere had any privacy left outside the home.

Police drones are not really all that different from manned police helicopters. I think you need to have guidelines in place for the use of the drones and then the supervisors and managers have to direct the program and check on the officers to insure they are not using them inappropriately. A girl sunbathing on the roof of her high rise is not a police matter. A girl growing marijuana on the roof of her high rise is a police matter.

I am more concerned about the disposition of any video that is captured by the drones. Just because someone is in their bacck yard and observed by a drone, falling on ice, scratching their nose or playing with the dog does not mean it should be broadcast on television for the amusement of the public just because it is a "public record." Video that is not related to a criminal investigation or that shows a criminal act should be destroyed after a reasonable period of time. Videos that are funny or silly should not be shown on the news a thousand times a day for the next ten years becasue they were captured on a police drone. Officers should not be permitted to make personal copies for their own use, that's what the SGT Says.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Tennessee Justice

A tourist from Tennessee has been arrested for carrying a concealed weapon when she visited New York City. She was trying to check her gun in comliance with the signs at the 9-11 Memorial. New York City and New York state don't recognize the concealed weapons permits issued by other states. This innocent woman trying to do the right thing and she gets arrested. This is the type of thing that should not be illegal, and if it is it should not be prosecuted.

The State of Tennessee is so upset they are considering a bill to encourage state police officers to strictly enforce the speed laws when people from New York are visiting Tennessee. I support national recognition of concealed carry laws. I think that just as we recognize marriage or driver licenses from state to state we should recognize concealed carry.

People who have been granted a CCW have typically passed a class, usually gone to the range and have been subjected to a background check. Why should police be the only ones with guns? Police and criminals, because a lack of a CCW does not disarm the criminals, only the good guys; that's what the SGT Says.