Saturday, October 20, 2012

Atypical Weapon

This home made weapon is simply a bit of wood and some rubber tubing. The sort of thing that could be whipped up in any home garage in a few hours. The wooden part could even be done in metal. I suspect the device is so simple most prisons and some jails could see inmates making them without much trouble.

These sling shots are so powerful they are breaking large bottles. Imagine if a few protesters, gangster, or even just bad kids had them and used them against police officers. They could stand in the back of a crowd and launch ball bearings or large glass marbles over the crown and into the police. The ammo would be untraceable and cheap.

The effect would be not unlike a low velocity bullet. I suspect it would penetrate skin, put out an eye, maybe even break facial bones. I don't think it would penetrate armor but I would not want it hitting my helmet face shield. They other thing is they are quiet, so you would not hear them like a gunshot and so the crowd would not react. They are so cheap that they would be disposable. Atypical weapons can be very dangerous; that's what the SGT Says.


Bob G. said...

There is never a loss for "creativity" when idiots converge, that's for sure.
But at least they don't possess the knowledge to manufacture "zip-guns"...
Hardly anyone I speak to remembers those.
Yet, I can appreciate the worry connected with a slingshot, becasue I own a wrist-rocket.
Hell, you can use stale halloween candy corn as a projectile, and they will shatter glass very easily.
No one ever said that "ingenuity" was ever completely safe and harmless, right?

Roll safe out there.

Bunkermeister said...

It's all on the web G, they just have to look for it.

Thanks for reading!