Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Back Up

At a critical incident there are many resources that you can call upon to help you.  Public transit and school buses can be used to move large numbers of victims, suspects, evacuees and even officers as needed.  Your county sheriff, state police and large nearby agencies can provide dozens even hundreds of extra officers to assist you.  Your own agency can provide intelligence about the suspect or the location.  Gang and narcotics teams often have good intelligence but often don't share unless you ask them for it.

Specialized bits of gear may be necessary.  Your city crews can provide dump trucks to block roads, or bulldozers to knock down fences that might protect the suspect location.  You may need a bomb robot to sniff out the location, or an armored car to help you get close in security.  The FBI may be able to help you to monitor telephones or Internet traffic.

The fire department can provide hazmat assistance, ladders, and fire hoses for washing down locations.  They also have ropes, hammers, pry bars and loads of other heavy gear for making entry into secure locations.  You may also need to call for tow trucks.  Suspect vehicles may need to be impounded, vehicles might simply be in the way and have to be moved.  Don't be afraid to call for as much back up as you need; that's what the SGT Says.

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