Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Halloween night approaches and with it more police problems.  People spend more money on Halloween than any other holiday except Christmas.  That means more parties, more people out trick or treating and more police issues.  Starting about an hour before dark, officers must begin patrolling residential areas to provide extra coverage for people taking their children out door to door.  Look for possible drunk drivers and possible child molesters out to snatch a kid.  It is a great PR time so have foil badges for the kids if possible.

Officers need to be extra alert in all areas for people driving under the influence.  Halloween parties, and particularly teenagers partying can put more drunk drivers on the road.  Drunk drivers kill people and injure many more.  DUI enforcement is a life saving duty.  Extra officers during Halloween can certainly be used for that duty too.

Reports of tampered candy deserve careful investigation.  Officers need to conduct careful interviews and try and get good information on the person who may have offered the tainted product.  Officers should make every effort to find the house where the tainted goodies came from and should do so Halloween night if the reports come in that early.  Having detectives on duty for this purpose is a good idea too.  Halloween is a good time for many and a great time to have extra officers on patrol; that's what the SGT Says.

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