Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Marijuana Arrests

The pro-marijuana legalization people like to play games with the numbers.
If you murder a drug lord who is encroaching on your territory is that a marijuana drug offense that would not happen if marijuana were legal?

If you have a meth lab in your house that the police find when they arrive after you beat up your girlfriend, is that a drug offense?

If you are caught with a freighter full of marijuana worth millions is that a simple drug offense?

 They also count drug arrests rather than people in prison for drug offenses. Most drug arrests are people who get a ticket for marijuana possession and they pay a small fine and don't serve any time in jail or only serve a few days in jail, maybe a weekend. That really runs up the numbers.  Few drug offenses are done in isolation. People who grow a small amount of marijuana in their closet and smoke a couple joints at home everyday are almost never going to be caught by the police. How would they? They are not in public and the police don't go door to door conducting searches for marijuana in your closet.

The ones that draw police intervention are almost always either driving under the influence, usually driving badly and get stopped thinking there is a drunk driver, or they are smoking or dealing drugs in public, or finally are involved in some other offense, like a robbery and the drugs are found during the arrest or investigation into the other crime.  Marijuana use is dangerous and needs to stay illegal; that's what the SGT Says.

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