Tuesday, October 9, 2012


How big was the suspect, how big was the officer, how fit were they, did the suspect say anything threatening? Was the officer small, female, or injured; all of these factors play into this type of confrontation. Was there any where else the officer could have gone? How far away was the suspect when the officer fired?

This article fails to mention many factors that mitigate the officers performance. Read the comments and see how many people think the office is to blame. Use of deadly force needs to reasonable to be lawful. You show that is was reasonable by doing everything reasonable to avoid it.  Those same people who blame the officer may end up on a jury if the district attorney determines the officer may have committed a crime.  Will your police report properly justify your use of deadly force?

When writing a use of force report, include as much detail as you can, never assuming the reader knows anything about the incident, you, your agency, or the suspect.  Explain how far away the suspect was from you, what they said, their demeanor, their response to what you did or said to them.  Try and quote them as best as you can remember.  State your emotional response, were you breathing hard, were you scared, nervous, tired, afraid, feeling threatened?  Did you try any alternatives to deadly force and if not, why not?  The more detail you can include in your report to justify why your actions were reasonable, the better, that's what the SGT Says.


Protect_and_Serve said...

Associated Press

MOBILE, Ala. (AP) — A University of South Alabama freshman...had taken LSD, assaulted others and chased the officer before being killed.

Collar went to a music festival and took the drug before assaulting two people in vehicles and attempting to bite a woman's arm, Cochran said.

Video taken by a surveillance camera showed Collar nude and covered in sweat as he pursued the retreating officer more than 50 feet outside the building, Cochran said. Collar got within 5 feet of Austin and the officer fired once, striking the student in the chest, Cochran said.

Investigators are trying to determine who provided Collar with LSD and could charge that person with murder, Cochran said.

While campus police typically carry pepper spray and a baton, Cochran said Austin was armed only with a gun during the confrontation.

Cochran said he had "serious concerns" about the killing of an unarmed student when he first heard what had happened, but he better understood the officer's decision to open fire after watching the videotape of the shooting.

Bunkermeister said...

The suspect was on LSD, too bad. A very dangerous drug. The pepper spray would probably not have worked and a baton would only likley have worked if the officer was highly skilled. Another example of how drugs our destroying our nation.