Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Non-violent Protest?

This website is by a group that wants to make your job more difficult.  They don't like the police and they want to use every evil trick to harass, delay and injure you they can in a surreptitious manner so they are about to attack you without seeming to attack you directly. 

On the first page they show how to fill a tube with ball bearings.  The tube is inserted into a wooden stick and a protest sign is then affixed to the wooden stick.  From a distance they look like any other peaceful protester.  Their real plan is to spread the ball bearings on the ground when the police move in to make an arrest.  That will cause officers to slip and fall.  Slip and fall injuries can break an ankle, a hip, your back or even cause a serious head injury. 

These people consider it to be a non-violent protest.  Of course, they are also armed with a metal pipe, filled with ball bearings.  A dangerous, even deadly weapon that looks just like a simple protest sign.  If they hit you with it during a confrontational arrest, they don't look bad on the news cameras, because the cameras show only a small wooden stick that could not hurt anyone.  Protesters can appear to be non-violent and still be very dangerous; that's what the SGT Says.

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