Friday, October 12, 2012

Officer Arrested

Memphis Officer Charged with Prescription Fraud | Memphis Breaking News, Weather and Sports | WPTY-TV | ABC24,

An officer at the Memphis police department has been arrested on four counts of prescription fraud.  The department suspended her with pay.  The department should have suspended her without pay.  If there was probably cause for an arrest, then she should be suspended without pay.  The arrest was not the result of work related activity.  No non-government employees would be suspended with pay if they were arrested.  Why should government employees get benefits that civilians don't get?

The granting of benefits while on a suspension for an arrest sends a poor message to the other employees.  The agency should at most suspend the suspect with pay, conduct their own internal determination and fire the employee long before the arrest and trial are resolved.  Criminals who are police don't belong in the department.  They are a stain on the badge we all wear.

Officers need to be drug free.  Drugs are a terrible scourge on our society and they are doubly bad for police officers.  This is another reason to do drug testing on troubled departments, especially.  An officer who has a drug or alcohol problem is a terrible danger to himself, and his partners and the public.  Carrying a badge, a gun and driving a car demand an officer be drug free.  It costs less than $40 to have a drug test done by an independent laboratory, that's money well spend to help bring a troubled department back in line; that's what the SGT Says.

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