Monday, October 29, 2012


Rioting gets out of hand very easily.  As soon as a crowd realizes that they can break windows, set cars on fire without consequences, then they will do just that.  The more time this continues the more rioters will join the riot.

As social media, the news media and other sources of information get out that the authorities are not responding to control illegal behavior, there will be more people arrive to the venue simply to participate in illegal behavior.  Just as the police call for back up the rioters will call for back up.

Officers need to have plans in place at large venues in case the situation turns ugly.  Individual officers and agencies need to be willing to call for help right away in the event of a riot.  Allowing things to burn out on their own will not solve the problem and will often only make it worse.  This is especially true of the scene is not contained, others will arrive from outside to continue the rioting.  It can take hundreds even thousands of police and sometimes even troops to contain a riot; that's what the SGT Says.

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