Saturday, October 13, 2012


Young men in the military are continuing to commit suicide at high levels.  Many of those are done with firearms, often their own personal weapons.  Police officers often commit suicide.  Sometimes when they are on the job and sometimes after they have retired.  People commit suicide for many reasons but often it is because they have many problems and they see no positive resolution for them.

Every police agency should have a police chaplain and a police psychologist on staff.  Any officer should be able to talk to either of them without any appointments, records or reporting of what is said in their conversations.  Often a potentially suicidal person may be able to feel better is he can talk through his problems confidentially.

On duty, officers are willing to give their lives for each other in a dangerous situation.  Officer suicide is a dangerous situation too.  Retired officers often find retirement boring or meaningless so they end it all.  Alcohol and drug abuse can lead to intentional or accidental suicide.  Young officers or divorced officers often have money problems, those can sometimes lead to suicide.  The difficulties of shift work, court appearances and over time can create great strains on a marriage.  Officers in marital difficulties may consider killing themselves, sometimes their wives as well.  Every agency needs to have a suicide prevention program; that's what the SGT Says.

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