Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Murder Season

Chicago has had an epidemic of murder and shootings in the last two weeks.  Most of the shootings have been gang related.  This type of activity is dangerous to regular citizens as well as criminals, because a stray bullet can hit anyone.

They way to stop this type of crime is to stop all crime.  Vast numbers of officers need to be deployed in small areas.  They need to stop everyone they can and anyone who has probable case for an arrest needs to be arrested.  Every ticket that can be written needs to be written.  Drug dealers often drive cars that are not registered, have bald tires, cracked windshields, no car insurance, no drivers license.  Give them tickets, impound their cars and it increases the cost of doing business. 

Disrupt their activities, put them in jail for minor crimes and they can't do bigger crimes.  Traffic tickets will go to warrants and they can go to jail again.  Use animal control to write tickets for pit bulls and other gang dogs.  Use code enforcement to close businesses and houses that attract criminals.  Use alcohol licenses to close businesses that serve alcohol and attract gangsters.  Agencies have many tools, but they have to use them, too often they don't; that's what the SGT Says.

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