Wednesday, July 31, 2013

New Rangemaster

No one should ever be a Rangemaster anymore.  All firearms instructors should be use of force instructors.  They should be able to explain why one type of force is more appropriate than another in any given situation.  Use of force training should not be compartmentalized into aerosol weapons, impact weapons, arrest control techniques, Taser and firearms. 

Compartmentalization leads to each discipline working at cross purposes, one to the other.  When confronted by a suspect with a knife, always use pepper spray on him, the aerosol weapons instructor says.  A well trained officer can always use his baton to disarm a suspect with a knife says the impact weapons instructor.  A suspect with a knife can stab you at 21 feet, so you have to shoot him, says the firearms instructor.

Which one is correct?  How can the academy cadet, or a jury for that matter decide what is right and what is wrong?  Even the experts disagree.  The way to avoid this conflict his have the same staff teaching all these disciplines.  Then the academy cadet, the seasoned officer and the juries all hear a unified voice telling them why it is proper to use a baton, gun or OC spray on a suspect; that's what the SGT Says.

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