Friday, July 19, 2013


In this video, Los Angeles Police and the California Highway Patrol do an excellent job of handing this protest, which has been declared as an illegal assembly.  Peaceful protestors left a park where they had a permit to protest and as they marched other, smaller groups, broke off and began creating problems, throwing rocks, breaking car windows and other acts of violence.

The police moved in using several ranks of officers.  The arrest teams identified leaders in the protestors or protestors who were violent or who specifically challenged the police.  The ranks would then open, the arrest team run through, snatch the person to be arrested and retreat behind the lines again.  The person arrested was then handcuffed and searched behind the lines, whenever possible.  That way the arrest team was safe.

The LAPD took the first rank and the arrest team.  The Highway Patrol took the second rank.  As the primary agency, the majority of the danger, responsibility and arrests were therefore taken by the LAPD.  The Highway Patrol was there to help the LAPD, but not take over from them.  This allowed the LAPD to spread their manpower over a larger area and still maintain control over events.  This video shows some excellent work on the part of two large agencies; that's what the SGT Says.


Protect_and_Serve said...

I have said for years that the LAPD is the best trained Police Department in the world. This video helps to confirm that.

Mike Creek said...

The best and the worst police I have ever worked with worked for LAPD. Over all their training is excellent.