Wednesday, July 24, 2013


This video, I Am The Police starts with a police pursuit and a voice reciting a poem over it.  It ends with a shootout.  Apparently it's from a movie, I have had people tell me it's from a TV show and that it is real, since a careful web search shows no LAPD shootings on that day, I suspect it's fictional.  Still there can be much to learn from a movie.

The officers are chasing two suspects, we are not told why, but it better have been for something very bad, since they are endangering a lot of lives with the way the suspects are driving.  Roaring down those narrow alleys is dangerous.  There does not seem to be an air unit involved, they are not always available, aircraft use fuel quickly and only have limited time aloft.  There does not seem to be any back up officers, unusual in Los Angles, but it does happen.

The pursuit does not end until the suspect crashes his car.  That is very typical, suspects often don't stop until they crash or run out of gas.  The suspects exited their vehicle but did not really have anywhere to run to, so they turned and started shooting.  The officers returned fire quickly and fired until the suspects were no longer a threat.  The officers handcuffed the suspects after they were shot.  There are two schools of thought on that.  Some say handcuff them because they are under arrest and suspects sometimes "come back to life."  Others say it looks bad to handcuff a dead guy and it interferes with the crime scene.  I think if the suspect is obviously dead, there is no need to handcuff him.  If he may still be alive you need to handcuff, search and do first aid, in that order; that's what the SGT Says.


Protect_and_Serve said...

This is from the movie END OF WATCH. It was a pretty good movie if you can stand 500 "F" words.

Mike Creek said...

I have not seen the movie, but Hollywood likes people to swear all the time.