Monday, July 15, 2013

Rest & Civil Unrest

There is so much going on in a major incident that we forget some of the simple things that need to be done.  If you have a major protest, or civil unrest and officers are deployed in a large group for hours at a time you have to consider some of the administrative and biological needs of the officers.  Officers need to be able to take a short break, at least every two hours and every hour is better. 

Wearing a helmet and all that gear is tiring and uncomfortable.  Officers need someplace to go to the bathroom that is clean, comfortable, and secure.  You might have to order portable toilets and assign someone to guard them.  Officers should be given beverages.  Water and sports drinks, like Gatorade are important.  Officers may need coffee or fruit drinks too. These should be provided at least on every break.  At least every four hours officers need to be able to remove their tactical gear, sit down or even lay down and relax and eat something.  The agency should provide a hot lunch, if possible. 

Officers use up a lot of calories in major events and will eat a lot of food.  Some large agencies can actually cater food, if you are too small for that find a local shop or maybe several that will allow a massive take out order.  Officers need to be fed, even on graveyard shift when many businesses will be closed.  Plan for incidents to last at least 24 hours in advance; that's what the SGT Says.

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