Saturday, July 20, 2013

Retired Police Dogs
The City of Memphis, TN has several retired police dogs who have been adopted by former dog handlers when the dog became too old or infirm to handle the rigorous duties of being an active police dog.  It costs as much as a couple hundred dollars per month per dog for food and medicines for these retired police dogs.  The city has until recently paid for this expense.
Now the City of Memphis has said they no longer have the money to pay "pensions" to retired police dogs.  These are dogs who have saved the lives of human police, have prevented police from having to shoot suspects because they were taken down with a dog bite rather than a bullet.  Dogs who's police careers saved the City of Memphis millions of dollars in expenses relating to human workers compensation costs and lawsuits.
Now the city is so broke they can't cough up a thousand dollars a month to support a few old dogs.  The mayor of the City makes $150,000.00 per year, plus benefits.  How about a 1% pay cut for Mr. Mayor instead of a 100% pay cut for the retired police dogs?  According to their website the city police have a budget of $200 million, perhaps the Chief and his command staff could take a .25% pay cut to pay for a few police dog retirements.  Show some leadership; that's what the SGT Says.

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