Thursday, July 25, 2013

Sexual Assault

German police officer attacked with sex toy
A police officer in Germany confronts a drunk in public suspect.  The officer asks him to stay put but the suspect begins to walk away as soon as the officer turns his back on him, and walks towards his motorcycle.  The officer catches up to the suspect and parks him along a planter.  The officer takes out his phone and begins to make a call, again he turns his back on the suspect.  The suspect removes a sex toy from his pocket and pokes the officer with it.

The officer takes the sex toy from the suspect and puts it in a bicycle basket nearby.  The suspect reaches for it again. The suspect also removes a pair of panties from his pocket and rubs them on the officer.  Imagine if either of those objects had been a knife.  The officer could have been seriously injured or killed.

I don't know the law in Germany, but in California, a guy that drunk it probably going to jail; for his own protection.  On first contact, I would have handcuffed and searched the guy.  On the second contact, if I had not already cuffed the guy, he would have been cuffed then.  If he pulled out a sex toy, not only would I have taken it away, I would have tossed it far enough away that he could not get it again.  The other serious issue is turning away from the suspect.  Watch the suspect, and watch his hands particularly; that's what the SGT Says.

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