Sunday, July 28, 2013


A hiker got lost in the wilderness and the police responded to find him.  They used a helicopter to evacuate the hiker.  One of the officers somehow fell off a cliff during the rescue operation.  He was killed in the fall.  Anything you do can get you killed, even doing nothing. 

Wilderness rescue can be very dangerous.  Snake bites, mountain lion or bear attacks, cliffs to fall off of or rivers to fall into can all take an officers life.  It only takes a moment for these things to happen and often there is little you can do about it once it starts.  Even heat or cold can kill you on a wilderness rescue.  In the summer it is important to remember that heat kills more people in the USA than any other kind of weather condition.

When operating in the wilderness there are several safety considerations to remember.  Always try and travel with another person.  It's harder to get lost if there are two of you and one of you can aid the other if there is an injury.  Don't step backwards, even one or two steps, walk forward or turn in place and then go forward. It makes it more difficult to stumble over a rock or step off a cliff.  Have a plan and communicate that plan, if you get lost, others will know where to look for you.  Always be prepared to spend 24 hours in the wilderness.  Overnight it might get very cold, you may need food or water.  Take some with you when you are in the wilds, even on a short journey; that's what the SGT Says.

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