Tuesday, March 25, 2014

BASE Jumping


Three thrill seekers jumped off the new world trade center site in New York City, aided by another person on the ground.  They were BASE jumpers looking for a thrill of parachuting off a building.  The problem is that they could have injured people on the ground, or they could have been caught up on something and required rescue.

People post videos of this type of thrill seeking activity on line all the time.  Jumping off bridges, leaping off cliffs, falling off buildings, all for the fun of it.  Many times people see these videos and are impressed with the daredevil actions of the jumpers.

They forget that these people are not only endangering themselves, but endangering others.  They forget that police, and paramedics and other rescue personnel must often take dangerous risks in order to save foolish people who did something dangerous that did not end well.  People who take these types of foolish risks deserve to be prosecuted; that's what the SGT Says.

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