Sunday, March 23, 2014

Cuff Key

Photo: Attention all Officers... Keep your eye's                    open for these tiny cuff keys. Be extra thorough on                    your pat downs. Please help spread the word and share                    this post.

When you search a suspect do you do such a good job that you would catch this little handcuff key?  Handcuff keys are very small to begin with and this particular one is designed to be hidden from detection. 

It clips to a belt look, as in the lower photo.  The handcuff key can be used by a suspect to get out of their handcuffs while in custody.  A suspect who unhandcuffs himself in the back of a patrol can can present quite a surprise to an officer who goes to remove a suspect from a vehicle cage.

The officer could be ambushed, even have his weapon taken.  Not only do you have to do an excellent search, you have to be on guard from an attack by the suspect all the time, even after they have been handcuffed.  A combative suspect might be very hard to search well, and they might get such a cuff key past you; that's what the SGT Says.

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