Sunday, March 2, 2014

Gun Registration

Several states have passed laws to bad various rifles and firearms magazines.  They have also passed laws to require registration of these weapons.  Many, perhaps even most of the owners of these weapons and magazines have refused to register them and have refused to turn them in.

This happened years ago in California.  They passed an assault weapons registration bill that made possession of an unregistered assault weapon an infraction, a fine, but no jail time.  Some of these new laws require registration or make a felony out of the person who does not register the gun.

I think these laws are a bad idea and even unconstitutional.  They are a bad idea because these weapons are rarely used in crime.  They are a bad idea because they make criminals out of otherwise law abiding citizens.  Some states have talked about going door to door to collect unregistered weapons.  I think if this happens citizens and officers will be killed.  I think if very many are killed or if there are very many incidents of this type there could even be an organized armed resistance.  I think these laws are very dangerous particularly for this reason; that's what the SGT Says.


Bob G. said...

I could NOT agree with you more, my friend.

Too many "x" factors in that equation to make it constitutional (imho).
Good call.

Stay safe out there.

Mike Creek said...

We need to put people in jail who are evil and commit crimes against their fellow man. Nations that have taken guns from their citizens often fall into totalitarianism.