Friday, March 21, 2014

No Gun Light

I changed my equipment up a bit today.  I got a new holster.  That is to say, I got a replacement for my old holster.  I gave up the handgun mounted light.  Frequently it would not work, the bulb was broken or burned out, the batteries were dead, or it just did not work. 

I found the tactical idea of searching with the gun out and the light on to be a poor tactics because you invariably end up using your gun as a flashlight and not as a weapon.  So a new holster was needed to hold the Glock 22 without rail mounted light.

My small Pelican light will do for illumination and since we always train with our hand held lights I don't see any transition issues.  It is probably going to work out just fine and the added weight on my belt from the flashlight will not be missed; that's what the SGT Says.


Protect_and_Serve said...

Much like night sights, I can take or leave gun lights. I have used one for close to ten years now but don't use one off duty so I'm used to both methods. I think all law enforcement long guns should have lights on them since they normally require both hands to operate properly and make holding a flashlight difficult.

Mike Creek said...

I would probably still carry my gun light on my handgun if it was more reliable, but that just tips the scale in favor of not carrying it. Yes, long guns should have a light.