Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Too Heavy

My gear belt is too heavy.  It wears on my hips too much when I am standing around on a detail for hours and hours.  I wear leather rather than nylon.  I know nylon is much lighter and there is even faux leather than can look nice but I prefer as much of my gear to be real leather as possible.

I am eliminating my handgun mounted light.  I have never been happy with it's unreliable nature and decided a while back to get rid of it when it stopped working again.  That, and the new holster will save a bit of weight.

My expandable side handle baton with the fancy carrier is going away too.  I am going back to a simple ring and a PR-24.  The fancy carrier keeps popping open and getting twirled around when trying to enter and exit the tiny police cars we use.  At least with a simple ring and stick I can put the baton alongside the seat and take it when I exit.  It should also save a little weight too; that's what the SGT Says.

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