Monday, April 28, 2014

Dog Attack

In 2006 the City of Costa Mesa, California paid $225,000 for shooting a pit bull dog.  They could have paid for all of their officers to attend four hours of dog bite avoidance training for the next 100 years with that much money.

One thing people often ask about is the use of the Taser or similar device to stun a dog, rather than shoot the dog.  The Taser is an excellent tool, but it has limitations.  Dogs have a body that is long and narrow, unlike humans that have tall and wide bodies.  The Taser is designed to hit humans and so the darts pattern is not ideal for use against dogs.  The Taser is also a one shot weapon, if you miss, you won't get a second shot before an attacking dog would bite you.

The Taser also only works when an electrical charge is being delivered.  After about 5 seconds they stop on their own.  A dog would then recover and could either run away, or continue to attack.  Dogs also are protected by hair and a dog with a lot of heavy hair, like a husky, or standard poodle might be hard to get a lock onto with a Taser unless shot at from the side.  The best tactic to use for a dog attack, is to avoid it in the first place; that's what the SGT Says.

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