Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Dog Attacks

Dogs are descended from wolves.  Every Pomeranian, every beagle, every French Poodle has a little wolf deep inside of him.  When you interfere with his pack, you are facing a wolf pack.  It does not matter that those wolves have $200 haircuts and bows in their hair, they are dangerous animals.  The wild wolf often hunts large game, caribou.  They run after these 1,000 pound animals and nip at their Achilles tendons on the back of their legs, by their heels.  Once the animal goes down, the wolf pack goes for the throat. 

To the domestic dog, you look like that 1,000 pound caribou.  When you run, you start up that instinctive urge to hunt in the rottweiler, German shepherd, or Pomeranian.  They feel the primal wolf urge to hunt you down, just like their wolf ancestors. 

Don't run from a dog, they are faster then you are.  Stand your ground and fight them off with a barrier.  A trash can lid, a bicycle, a lawn chair, can all work to keep the dog away from you.  The garden hose can be surprisingly effective against a dog.  Present your baton to the dog, he will bite it, rather than bite you.  Use your pepper spray, OC, not Mace, and spray him in the eyes, nose and mouth.  Order the dog to stop, sit, lay down.  Nothing works on every dog, but most of these techniques work on most dogs.  I know, I have used them all; that's what the SGT Says.

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