Saturday, April 26, 2014

Dog Shooting

Police arrested a man for interfering with their response to a robbery in progress call that ended with suspects holed up in a house.  The man had a rottweiler dog with him that he put inside his car.  The man failed to roll up his window and when the police arrested him the dog jumped out of the window.

The dog attacked the police, who tried to grab his leash, but were unable to do so, and so one officer shot the dog, four times.  The dog died.  The incident was videotaped by several people and from some views it's not clear the dog was actually trying to bite the officer.  As usual, the video tape does not show the entire incident, so it's unclear from the video why the suspect was arrested.

The police were not trained in how to deal with attacking dogs and so the only thing they knew to do was shoot the dog.  Once again a dog shooting has lead to a lawsuit and bad public relations for an agency.  They even got death threats from people who were sympathetic to the dog.  People love dogs and they hate to see the police shoot them; that's what the SGT Says.

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