Friday, April 4, 2014


Homeless people are a huge problem for society and for law enforcement.  Sure there are some decent, honest, hardworking people who end up homeless, but they are a tiny percentage of the total.  Normal people are able to call upon relatives, friends and the government to help them. 

People who are mentally ill, or on drugs or alcohol are the ones who end up on the streets long term.  The solution for much of the havoc they create is to lock them up in minimum security facilities.  Even if they don't get treatment to cure their underlying conditions it's better than letting them roam the streets, hardly better than stray dogs.

Homeless people spread disease by relieving themselves in public places.  They seldom if ever, bathe.  They steal and they bother people.  They commit crimes, often against other homeless people and they set up camps on other peoples property.  There should be laws against homelessness like there used to be, and so they can be held for short periods of time while they are fed, given medical attention, cleaned up and dried out.  Then they can be put in touch with social services and released, hopefully to a better life; that's what the SGT Says.

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