Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Legal Marijuana

With several states making marijuana legal it's time to think about how this can have a direct effect on law enforcement.  If an office says he is stressed out and has a prescription for medical marijuana, does that trump your agencies no drug policy?  Is that discrimination against the Americans with Disabilities Act?  Can you fire him if he tests positive for marijuana?  Will his union back him up?

If marijuana is legal for recreational use, can your officers smoke it on duty?  Can they smoke it off duty?  Can they smoke marijuana off duty and them come to work with measurable amounts still in their system?  Can you drug test them if they show symptoms?  Can you fire them for participating in a legal activity?

If an officer is in a traffic collision or a use of force incident and has a measurable amount of marijuana in his system if your agency more likely to be liable for any error in judgement your officer may have had?  Or will the officer be more personally liable because his intoxication was voluntary?  Should you have scheduled or random drug tests of police officers and forbid them from using marijuana, even if it's legal?  What about dispatchers?  Or records clerks?  Or the janitor in the police station?  Should marijuana use no longer be a bar to hiring new police recruits?  I don't think most people who vote in favor of marijuana legalization realize how many problems they creates; that's what the SGT Says.

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