Saturday, April 12, 2014

Major Incident

A truck driver ran over and seriously injured a little boy who darted into the street.  It is the nature of little boys to dart into the street.  It is in the nature of vehicles to sometimes hit them.  The initial traffic collision may have been the fault of the child or of the truck driver or some combination of the two, that remains to be investigated.

The driver stopped and rather than render aid, he was attacked and beaten by a crowd.  I can understand that people might be upset by a truck driver running over a child.  I can understand that people might need to use force to stop a driver from trying to flee the scene, but that was not the case here in this incident.

When responding to such an incident it can be difficult to sort out what is happening when you first arrive.  Certainly rendering aid to the child is a critical priority, but stopping the assault should happen first.  This type of incident requires a large number of officers to interview witnesses, arrest assailants, process the accident and crime scene, and contain the location.  It's best to divide up the tasks and assign officers to each major event with an overall commander.  Don't try and do everything alone, use your resources; that's what the SGT Says.


Protect_and_Serve said...

I witnessed a similar incident where a woman backed into the street and was hit by a driver in the road. He had done nothing wrong but the thugs poured out of the apartment complex like water. They were yelling at him and it looked as though the mob was about to drag him off for a terrible beating when he stepped from the car and they noticed he was a armed security officer headed to work. The cowardly crowd suddenly decided that they weren't judge and jury that day.

Mike Creek said...

These incidents seem more and more common, too bad.