Saturday, April 19, 2014

Suicide Prevention

During holidays people sometimes get depressed.  Police officers often have to work over the holidays and that can lead to further depression.  Officers who get so depressed that they talk about suicide need to get help right away so they don't kill themselves.

If someone really wants to end their life, they will just do it, if they are talking about it they are reaching out for help.  You need to help them, especially if it is another officer.  Too often we ignore warning signs and officers kill themselves.

When an officer talks of suicide we often don't want to get involved in their business.  We don't what to ruin their police career.  We are uncomfortable "snitching" on them.  It is better to act and save their lives rather than not act and have them dead.  Many agencies have psychologists, mental health professionals on call who can help.  Many agencies have chaplains who can provide counseling and advice.  If you partner asked for help with a fight in progress you would risk your life to aid him.  If he asks for help to avoid suicide, how much will you risk to save him?  Suicide prevention is part of your job, even if it is your partner; that's what the SGT Says.

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