Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Advance Planning


Sometimes a little pre-planning can be helpful when responding to a call where a dog may be present.  Animal control is handled in many different ways all over the country.  I think no matter who's authority they come under, private, public, police or independent, they should share information with the police department. 

If police know there is a bad dog on the property, they can be extra careful when they decide to enter and can take precautions.  If there is no urgent need to go on the property, then they can call for animal control to contain the dog.  I am a big believer that whenever police do a "raid" on a premises they should always have at least one animal control officer to contain the suspect's dogs and other creatures.

Officers should also carry a catch pole in their patrol car trunk.  They should also be trained in how to use the catch pole.  Never issue equipment to officers without training them in how to use it properly.  A catch pole is so much more helpful than a simple leash because you can keep the animal a short distance away and prevent a bit.  Advance planning, it makes incident go smoother; that's what the SGT Says.

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