Friday, May 23, 2014

Black Hills Leather

Black Hills Leather is a company from Laredo, Texas that sells quality leather products for law enforcement and civilians.  A while back I got a custom holster from them.  It was reasonably priced and produced quickly.  It has been in service for over two years and has held up very well.

Check our your police leather gear and your uniforms.  Where are they made?  A while back my agency issued us uniform shirts.  I checked the tag and they were made in Viet Nam.  Communist Viet Nam that killed 50,000 Americans in a war to enslave the Republic of South Vietnam.

I was not happy and I make sure that all my police gear is made in the USA whenever possible.  To my mind, police gear is nothing to scrimp on, since your life might depend on it, so I try to buy American, or at least, non-Communist products; that's what the SGT Says.  

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