Sunday, May 18, 2014

Cop Bar

A former New York City police officer is opening a bar that has an NYPD theme.  I think this is a cute idea, but I would rather it was a restaurant that served alcohol than an actual bar.  Cop bars are nothing new, and bars often choose to serve a particular type of client.

The only problem with cop bars is that some cops take undue advantage of the ability to consume alcohol in public.  They get drunk and then think they can drink and drive because they are police.  They get drunk and then think they can shoot their duty guns at things inside and outside the bar.

They get drunk and then want to fight people from other agencies, non-police, non-sworn, and anyone else.  They use the cop bar as a place to meet cop groupies and then cheat on their wives.  A friendly, safe cop bar is a nice idea, but there are potential problems and the owner, manager, and employees need to try and keep their place a safe and legitimate bar; that's what the SGT Says.

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