Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Front Sight Blog: (video) This is what happens when you lose your mind in a gunfight...

A man commits an armed robbery and shot a police officer.  A huge manhunt was initiated and the man was found driving down the street.  After a short pursuit the man got his car stuck between a pole and a tree.

Police opened fire and killed the man, the passenger in his car and wounded two other officers in a cross fire.  About two dozen officers fired about fifteen rounds each, at suspects who were not shooting at them and who were unarmed.  Bullets hit many other vehicles, trees, and buildings.

When terminating a pursuit where there is a likelihood that the suspect is armed and dangerous, supervisors need to control their people.  Responding officers need to watch for crossfires.  If you are calling the pursuit, direct others where they should go so they won't be in a crossfire.  Since officers were receiving fire, they thought the suspects were firing at them and returned fire.  Officers on the other side then received fire and shot back.  Proper pursuit termination will prevent or minimize these problems; that's what the SGT Says.

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