Monday, May 5, 2014

Dog Avoidance

Don't force dogs into a corner.  Even a timid dog might attack if he is threatened.  If you have to go into a yard or building with a dog don't stare at them.  Dogs consider a stare to be a threat.  Look at them from the side of your eyes.  Also, don't smile at them.  Dogs consider teeth to be a threat.

If you have to go inside a yard or home, take the dart cartridge off your Taser.  Activate the test of the Taser a couple times in the presence of the dog, while you are still outside the gate or door.  Most dogs HATE the electrical clacking sound of the Taser and will often run away from it.

Put your OC spray in your non-gun hand.  Most dogs can be stopped by OC spray, that's what mailmen carry.  Dogs will recover from the spray after a short while, so be aware he may return.  A highly motivated or trained dog may work through the OC but your average house pet will not; that's what the SGT Says.

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