Thursday, May 8, 2014

Dog Fight

Sometimes an officer might be called to separate two dogs who are fighting each other.  This is a dangerous time because the dogs are already agitated and upset.  They also might be hurt and more willing to bite.

Rather than jump in and trying to grab the dogs, you need to try and separate them from a distance.  A garden hose works very well for this, but we don't often carry one around.  The fire extinguisher in the patrol car can work also, particularly a CO2 one, but a dry chemical one will often work too.  OC spray will also help to get the dogs to stop fighting.

Use a catch pole or other long stick to break them apart.  A loud noise may cause them to become distracted or scared, the police car air horn or siren might work.  A plastic trash can, bicycle or lawn chair might also be employed to break them apart.  Of course once they are apart does not mean they will stay apart; that's what the SGT Says.

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