Saturday, May 3, 2014

Dog Training

A police officer is in public with his K-9 handler and is captured on tape training his dog.  The person recording the event is obviously concerned with the methods the officer is using to train the dog.  The viewer complains that the officer is abusing the dog.  The handler was placed on leave while an investigation was conducted about the event.

I have never worked as a K-9 officer, but have have owned two Labrador Retrievers, large dogs, often used in police work.  My agency has always had dogs and I have worked with the handlers some.  I have held on my dog's leash while he pulled so hard that the dog choked on himself he was so driven to chase something.  I have seen K-9 officers pull their dogs up by the collar also to get them to stop a bit or to drop a toy.

Police dogs are highly energetic, very strong and very determined.  Without these personality and physical traits they would not be good police dogs.  They love to work and get very excited about doing their jobs.  Sometimes an officer has to do what appears to be harsh, just to control the dog.  It is best that these training sessions be done outside of public view because the average citizen does not understand how police dogs need to be trained.  Training human police recruits is sometimes a difficult thing for civilians to watch.  It's outside their normal behaviors.  I don't think this officer did the best training of the dog, I do think his major problem was training where he was in view of the public; that's what the SGT Says.

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