Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Double Tap Defense

Double Tap Defense makes a nice little two shot concealed carry handgun.  No concealed carry pistol is worth anything if you don't carry it.  The small size of this pistol and light weight certainly make it more likely that someone would carry it on a regular basis, it makes it harder to leave it at home, even in a simple, even small outfit.

.45 ACP is the load to carry whenever the choice presents itself.  Made in America with a lifetime warranty is also a big selling point. Small gun, bit caliber, large recoil is less of a concern with a small gun like this that will only be carried concealed, since it will only be fired in training or in defense of life.  I suspect the recoil would not be an issue in a real incident, and the two round capacity is also probably not an issue as a concealed carry gun.

The two extra rounds are nice but would probably require some level of practice to be able to reload under pressure.
Laying on the beach with this in your pocket is much better than the Glock in your car trunk or in your safe at home.  It's a third level gun. Not a duty gun.  Not an off duty gun.  It's a gun when almost no one would likely carry a gun, or as a back up to the back up gun; that's what the SGT Says.


Protect_and_Serve said...

This gun is incredibly overpriced and for the size, capacity, and cost, there are many other better options. One man's opinion.

Mike Creek said...

There are many excellent firearms out there and each of us should buy the one that works best for our individual circumstances.