Saturday, May 31, 2014

Illegal Aliens

Some wrote recently that $15 an hour jobs were going unfilled in his part of California.  When he was asked for specifics, he could not provide any sources for those jobs.  Certainly there are not too many of those here in greater Los Angeles.  Many claim there are twelve million illegal aliens in the United States.
I think that illegal aliens drive down wages.  I think they do take jobs Americans don't want, but might take them if the pay were higher.  They also come here illegally and often continue illegal activity once they arrive.  What should we do to solve this problem?
We don't have to hire a single police officer.  There are about 800,000 police in the United States.  If each officer arrests only one illegal alien per month, and deports them, then the illegal aliens are all gone in less than two years. In many of our big cities a large percentage of those in custody are illegal aliens. I know myself that I encounter many people, driving cars, who don't have a drivers license. What Californian over 16 does not have a drivers license?  It is the Federal Government responsibility to secure the borders, but local police should do their part too; that's what the SGT Says.

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