Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Officer Murdered on Traffic Stop

An officer on patrol.  In uniform, in a marked patrol car.  He activates his overhead lights and makes a traffic stop.  Three people in a car, pull into a gas station.  He called in the stop to dispatch.  The suspect vehicle stopped. 

The driver exited his vehicle, placed a rifle on the roof of his car and shot the officer to death.  The officer did not even have a chance to get out of his patrol car.  The officer was killed without a chance to return fire.

When you make a traffic stop, don't linger in the car.  Get out of the car, even if you don't approach right away.  Walk to the rear of your car and approach from the passenger side.  If you don't get out right away, at least be aware of what the other driver is doing and be prepared to exit or shoot.  Don't sit in the car only to finish your conversation with dispatch.  You have a hand held radio, use that; outside the car; that's what the SGT Says.

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